OBIC’s Outline

Company Name
OBIC Co., Ltd.
Tokyo Headquarters
(Obic Building) 2-4-15 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-8328
April 1968
Capital Stock
¥19,178 Million
Chairman and CEO Masahiro Noda
President and COO Shoichi Tachibana
Number of Employees
(As of March 31,2022)
2,054 (Consolidated)
1,857 (Non-Consolidated)
Net Sales
(Fiscal Year Yended March 31,2022)
¥89,477 Million (Consolidated)
¥82,616 Million (Non-Consolidated)
Stock Listing
Prime Market (code 4684)
Overview of Operations

The OBIC Group consists of OBIC Co., Ltd.its one subsidiary and three affiliates. The Group's principal operations are system integration services, system support services, office automation services, and package software services, providing customers with total solution services.
Overview of our business by segment is as follows. Regarding package software services, description is omitted here as the business is carried out by companies accounted for using the equity method.

System Integration Services
In our total system integration business, we develop optimal software for customers based on an analysis of customer requirements for the system, taking into full consideration the hardware used and the system design concept. We also provide customers with training courses prior to and after introduction of the system

  • - OBIC7 series ERP software

    The OBIC7 series of comprehensive corporate ERP software products is designed to provide optimized core integrated administrative systems to meet individual companies needs. The accounting system is the main component, with personnel, payroll, working condition management, marketing and production systems configured as needed

  • - Industry-specific solutions

    Combined with the OBIC7 series, our industry-specific application solutions are a lineup of industry and operation-specific systems that offer optimized solutions tailored to the specific features of each business

System Support Services
System operation support and maintenance, and hardware maintenance for companies that have installed our system

Office Automation Services
Sale of package software, and peripheral equipment and supplies, and commissioned processing of printed materials

Main Banks
MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.